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Soft and Healthy Skin for Summer#

Plus Size Skin Care Article: Soft and Healthy Skin for Summer
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Face Care MakeupThe weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining brighter, and it’s time to get prettified for summer! I’m out in the sun as much as possible, and I love wearing tops and dresses that show a little skin. But being out in the sun and hot weather requires doing a little extra to keep my skin soft, smooth and safe. My favorite time of year is also the time when I step up my skin care game: following just a few quick tips on summer skin care will keep you glowing throughout the season.

Practice Safe Sun

Skin care experts have long believed that sunscreen is a must, even if the sky is overcast. Luckily, choosing products that give you the right amount of protection has become easier because many products ranging from lotion to makeup now have sunblock. But not all sunblocks are created equal; make sure your products protect against both UVA and UVB rays. For a day out in the sun or on the beach, double check your sunscreen to make sure it’s either water-resistant or waterproof. The difference is that water-resistant sunscreen lasts about 40 minutes, while waterproof lasts at least 80 minutes. And if you’re planning to tan – or if you’re getting a head start on summer by visiting tanning salons – be aware that the same safety rules apply for tanning lamps as for the natural sun.

Moisture Is Your Friend

Sun and wind are your skin’s worst enemies during any season, but summer adds a new element to the mix. Showing a little more skin when the weather is warm means that there’s more skin that needs to be protected and moisturized. The majority of drugstore lotions and body creams use mineral oil as a main ingredient, which is a byproduct of petroleum. Mineral oil doesn’t get absorbed into your skin-instead, it just sits on top. After a hot day in the sun, you don’t want your skin to feel like an oil slick, do you? Use a body moisturizer that’s made with natural oils for deeper, longer-lasting moisture.

Lighten Up Your Makeup

I’m not referring just to colors – use lighter foundations and powders, if you can. This will keep your skin’s pores from clogging when the heat causes you to perspire. There are some wonderful and affordable tinted moisturizers available that give both coverage and moisture, and many of them contain sunscreen as well. Finally, take care of your lips with a good gloss or lipstick that contains sunscreen of at least SPF 25 – the skin on your lips needs as much attention as the rest of your body.

Great skin takes work and experimentation. Not every product will work with your skin type, so don’t be afraid to switch it up and try something new. And remember: great skin doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for brands and products that give you the most bang for your buck, and that can last you through the season. Once you’ve found the routine that suits you, follow it every day and enjoy your summer!

..using hair products for scrunched curly hair#

..using hair products for scrunched curly hair

Scrunching gels and mousses are another extremely popular way of getting that curly look in just few minutes.
Wash and condition your hair using curl-enhancing products.
Now, towel dry your hair.
While your hair is damp apply an anti-frizz serum throughout your hair.
After the application of serum, bend over and let your hair hang towards the floor.
Squeeze an small amount of mousse into your hand. With the mousse in your hand scrunch as much hair as you can.
Using additional mousse (but just enough to coat your hair) make sure you cover all your hair in this procedure.
After you spread it evenly, scrunch your hair again using both your hands for longer this time, by holding it in place for a few seconds.
In case you have poker straight hair, this method might not help you to achieve really curly hair. However, you are sure to achieve that scrunched curly look, which definitely adds volume to your hair.
Once you finish with the process, use a hair spray to keep it in shape and to give it some extra bounce.

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