Sunday, March 23, 2014

#tattoos for women#

dandelion flower tattoos for women  because you love them!) 
 I want this but on the top of my thigh and the feathers will be hanging on my thigh 
I would get this with daddys girl in it because my dad always used to put ribbon in my hair.   Neck tattoos for women | worldsbride.comBow Tattoo Designs for Women 
side tattoos for women | Home » Text Tattoos » Honesty Key Tattoo 
  Stylish Shoulder tattoos for women 
Tattoo quote: live by faith, not by sight -- If I had this tattoo I would get one of my lived by quotes: 'Dance as though no one is watching you or Sing as if no one can hear you or Love as though you've never been hurt before or Live as if Heaven is on Earth" 
 Veni Vidi Vici tattoo. Means I came, I saw, I conquered. Gonna get this after I do something amazing and life changing but somewhere else.

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